Umbrella is a kind of accessory used to protect from rain or sun. The use of umbrellas dates back to ancient times. When it is first used, its purpose is to stop the sun, to prevent people from sunburn and sunstroke. The umbrella is stretched on a wire with flexible wires and has the feature of opening and closing. It should be made of waterproof materials, as it mostly acts as protection from rain. For this purpose, cotton and polyester fabrics are generally preferred. Although their size can be large, their small size to be carried by hand is more useful and when umbrellas are mentioned, handheld umbrellas come to mind first.

Umbrellas with large dimensions used for protection from sun rays other than hand umbrellas; beach umbrella, garden umbrella, restaurant umbrella and umbrellas used in cafes can be given as examples. Although the techniques used in the production of umbrellas with large dimensions, unlike hand umbrellas, seem to be the same, the production techniques vary according to the brand and model. In addition, umbrellas vary according to their usage areas.

The correct use of the umbrella is an extremely important point. Otherwise, the umbrella can get wet in rainy weather and scorch in sunny weather. When using an umbrella, it is best to hold it upright. An obliquely used umbrella can cause wetting. In addition, care should be taken not to disturb the people around while using the umbrella. Likewise, the umbrella used to protect from the sun should be kept upright. Windy weather is not suitable for umbrella use.

Many fabrics can be used in umbrellas. These fabrics can be polyester, cotton acrylic, olefin, nylon, pongee and other waterproof fabrics. Cotton umbrella fabrics block the sun's rays and are successful in providing coolness. Fabrics with polyester, nylon and synthetic content also do not fade and are more suitable for use in rainy weather. Although it is not recommended to use umbrellas in windy weather, wind-resistant umbrellas are especially produced for these weathers.

Umbrella With Logo

We are here for those who are looking for an umbrella with a logo. Umbrellas can also be used as a very important advertising tool, as it is one of the most frequently used products in rainy weather. Umbrellas that can be seen in rainy weather can carry the logos of the companies they are produced. As Güler umbrella, our umbrellas with classic logo are extremely useful products. Our umbrellas with the classic logo are also distinguished in terms of features. You can choose the one that suits you best by looking at its features.

Our umbrellas with the classic logo are usually automatic. Our umbrellas are 60 cm long and have a diameter of 120 cm. Our products are made of wind-resistant nylon fabrics in order to provide the most comfortable use on windy, stormy and rainy days. Steel wire is used in our umbrella models. In this way, your umbrella does not break easily and is extremely durable. As Güler umbrella, our company has a wooden body and a wooden handle. Thus, it is both easy to use and performs much better than its competitors in terms of durability. Our umbrella model with logo can be personalized for the user depending on the user's request. This process is carried out by burning the desired name on the handle with a laser. Umbrellas with logo are available in many different colors. Finally, the logo on the umbrellas with the logo is made by screen printing method.

Umbrella Prices with Logo

If those who want to get information about umbrella prices with logo are here, let's get started. As Güler Umbrella, our company is a pioneer in manufacturing. Many umbrella models such as promotional umbrellas, small foldable umbrellas, special design promotional umbrellas, and classic logo umbrellas are available in our company. Each of our umbrellas has different prices according to its model and features. Our umbrellas, which are produced from the highest quality materials, are also offered to your service with a reasonable price guarantee. To get detailed information about our products or to buy our products individually or wholesale, you can browse our website or contact us.