Our company, Güler Umbrella, which is a leading company in the sector, delivers your products on time, in the quantities and the quality you want. Güler Umbrella, always evaluates the feedback from our customers and provides a service focus on customer satisfaction. We contribute to your budget by offering different alternatives to our valued costomers in our wholesale and promotional umbrellas.


While providing service to you with our alternative product range, we also contribute to you as being a preferred supplier. Among the umbrellas we offer in different quantities, we offer cane umbrellas, colorful umbrellas with original designs, and umbrellas with special handles that can adapt to your personal taste. While continuing our work with our experienced team, we continue to increase the quality of the service we offer day by day.


We leave you the freedom to choose the colors, quantities, and all other details of the promotional umbrella. From the moment you send us your order, our team delivers your order to your address as quickly as possible.

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