It is a protocol umbrella; it is an umbrella model used by staff in official places. We see that the protocol umbrella is mostly used by people or valets who are tasked with protecting the president. As it can be understood from this, protocol umbrellas show high performance compared to other umbrella models. It shows a high level of endurance even against very strong winds, which sometimes we refer to as storms. Even if it turns upside down due to the strong wind, it is absolutely unbreakable. At this point, it differs from the other umbrellas.

Even if the protocol umbrella models turn upside down on very windy days, it takes a few seconds to recover. Therefore, no matter what the weather conditions are, it will never let you down. The main material which is used in this umbrella model is as fine as silk. At the same time, the fabric is waterproof. It is unlikely that you can tear it even by forcing it. The secret of this lies in fabric quality. Different colors are available; however, the black color stands out in these umbrellas, and black is mostly preferred in official areas. Protocol umbrellas in dark blue are also in demand. We offer a handle preparation service specifically for protocol umbrellas, which you can buy wholesale or in any quantity through our company.


Among the protocol umbrellas, the large-size models, which are generally preferred in the rain, come to the fore. Larger ones create a wider protection area than other umbrella models. Normally, an umbrella can only protect one person, but protocol large-size umbrellas can easily protect two people from the rain. Since these models are generally preferred for rainy weather, their fabric is water-repellent. Each type provides a high level of protection owing to the material from which the umbrella is made being extremely high quality and durable. Since our company gives you quality assurance, you can contact us and order protocol umbrellas without any doubt in your mind.

Protocol Umbrella Istanbul

Protocol umbrellas are known as the most durable and top-quality umbrella models. For this reason, it is often preferred by the valet of people like the president and ministers. These models, which offer a high level of service, are also resistant to impacts, so there is no breakage. One of the cities where it is used the most is Istanbul. The reason for this is that Istanbul is one of the most popular and prominent cities in Turkey. Therefore, it is highly recommended for extremely crowded and popular centers such as Istanbul.

Protocol umbrellas are quite different from foldable and promotional umbrella models. First of all, protocol umbrellas are the largest and most protective umbrellas known.

Although the companies that produce and sell protocol umbrellas in Istanbul are increasing day by day, not every company offers quality. As a result, it would be more accurate to obtain from companies that provide you with confidence in quality and have been in the market for years. At this point, our company differs from other companies. If you want to have quality and durable models, our company is the ideal choice for you. You can contact us for more detailed information.

Protocol Umbrella Prices

One of the reasons why protocol umbrellas have a serious quality is that quality fiber material is used throughout the umbrella. Using fiber material makes the umbrella more portable. In other words, it does not tire the person when carried by hand for a long time. Umbrellas, which perform extremely well despite their lightweight structures, continue to increase their popularity day by day. The type of fabric used in protocol umbrellas is compatible with the developing technology. The fabric from which it is made is known as ponjea. Although this fabric has an extremely thin structure, it provides high durability. People pay a lot of attention to umbrellas because they are useful and durable.

At Güler Umbrella, we offer high-quality and durable protocol umbrella models for you. Our company makes a name for itself with its wide product options. We are in first place among the preferred companies in the umbrella sector. Our primary goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing quality and reliable service. It will be extremely advantageous for you to shop for umbrellas in a wholesale way through our company. You can contact the expert team of our company to purchase protocol umbrellas that stand out with their high quality, stylish and special designs.