Umbrelas that protect people against both rain and wind have many types. Although umbrellas have many options in terms of color and model, there are also different types in terms of size. Thanks to our product range, it is quite easy to find umbrella models that suit everyone’s needs.


Large umbrella models are less preferred than small umbrella models. The reason for this is that small umbrellas are more portable, they are easy to carry and the amount of time before they are completely dry is significantly less. However, small umbrellas provide less protection than large umbrellas. Customers want to use an umbrella model that provides both full protection and a small size. Here, foldable umbrellas come into play.

Foldable umbrellas are the most useful umbrella type. These umbrellas are very easy to carry , and they provide much more protection than small umbrellas. Especially in rainy weather, if you want to arrive at your home without getting wet, you should definitely choose an umbrella that provides full protection. Large umbrellas and small foldable umbrellas will be the right choices in this sense.

In the production of foldable umbrellas, personal and company-specific production is also available. In wholesale purchases, the desired logo and name can be written on both the umbrella and the protection cover. In this way, your umbrellas will be completely unique to you or the company.

Foldable Umbrella

The foldable umbrella model is the most preferred among the umbrella types. It takes up no space and protects a much larger area due to its opening and closing features.In the umbrella category, where there are many different models, people always prefer the one that is easy to carry and has high protection.

The foldable umbrella model, which is the most preferred by customers, is especially attractive to people who use public transportation or travel on foot. These umbrellas contain all the features that the customer is looking for and have been designed within a certain system. The only thing that the customer has to do is to choose the one that suits their taste among the foldable umbrellas on our shelf.

Foldable umbrellas are small and can be carried easily. Since it has a foldable mechanism, it does not take up space and does not require effort. They also dry faster. Another advantage of the foldable umbrellas is that they last longer than other models.

Foldable Umbrella Prices

If you want to learn about foldable umbrella prices, let’s take a closer look. Among the umbrella models for ladies, the most striking colors are red, purple, and cherry bruise. These models are preferred by famous brands, and they will become the favorite umbrellas of your female customers. On our website you can find umbrella models both suitable and portable for ladies' usage.

Generally, men preferred black, navy blue, and orange models. The most important feature of the umbrella for men is undoubtedly that it is easy to carry. Many foldable umbrella models that will appeal to both men and women are available on our website.

As Güler Umbrella, we think about what the consumer needs and which features should be prioritized before producing umbrellas, and we design the umbrella. Afterwards, we go into mass production and produce countless umbrellas in many colors, patterns, and prints. In this way, we obtain products that sellers can easily sell. Customers also meet their needs with the Güler Umbrella model that fully meets their expectations. With the protection cover we produce for all our umbrellas, you can protect your umbrella for years and keep it as brand new as on the first day.

The features that customers look for in an umbrella are, respectively, quality, usability, drying time, and reasonable price. We, as Güler Umbrella, are aware of this and we direct our production in this direction. Unlike other companies, we produce according to customer requests. We aim to appeal to all audiences by keeping our prices very affordable. The most popular model among our products is our small foldable umbrellas. The main reason for this is that it is useful and affordable. We are interested not only in umbrella production but also in how to store the umbrella. That’s why we design quality protection covers for all umbrellas and ensure that you protect them and carry them regularly.

Despite the foldable umbrellas, it is quite a lot. The main reason for this is that it is more useful and systematically designed compared to others. We direct the sellers in this direction and ensure that they prefer a foldable umbrella-weighted model. It is always to the benefit of our customers that they prefer Güler Umbrella’s quality and long-lasting umbrellas rather than choosing poor quality and non-functional products or different brands. The umbrellas that we produce in different diameters, different patterns, and fabrics are very affordable.

By visiting our site, you can find affordable umbrella models and protection covers. At Güler Umbrella, we always produce the best quality and most useful umbrellas at the most affordable price.