An umbrella is a much needed item in rainy and snowy weather. Sometimes it goes beyond being a necessity and is used as an accessory. The main purpose of umbrellas, which are used for many different purposes, is to protect them from adverse weather conditions. Umbrellas have different models. These models are categorized not only in terms of color and pattern, but also in terms of their usage purposes. One of these categories is the valet umbrella , also known as the protocol umbrella.

The valet umbrella is also known as the protocol model umbrella. It is designed to meet the needs of protocol members or important individuals with its first-class quality and durability. The valet umbrella model, which is highly resistant to strong winds, is generally used for hotel and restaurant customers. Apart from this, the members of the authority (presidents, ministers, deputies, bureaucrats) are greeted by the valet with this special umbrella model. By using an oddice umbrella, valet enables V.I.P to reach the venue without being exposed to rain or snow. Therefore, the quality, color, and fabric of the valet umbrella model are very important. The Valet umbrella price is more expensive than other umbrellas. This is due to larger size and superior quality. 

What is the Difference of Valet Umbrella?

It is produced from long-lasting, high-quality, fiber-arm, fiber-bodied, water-repellent pongee fabric. Elite rain umbrellas are generally produced in double-layer and wide sizes. Even though it is a single layer, it is waterproof because it is made of durable material. The umbrella, which has 12 wires (ribs), has a perfect appearance with a leather or wooden cane handle. Güler Umbrellas that protect from harmful x-rays on sunny days, snow during winter and rain in autumn are available at Güler Umbrella. You can visit our website for valet umbrella prices.

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