Although autumn gives the feeling of watching the rain from the window with a cup of coffee or a hot tea, many of us prefer to walk outside on the fallen leaves in the pouring rain. The accessory that will help us on this walk is undoubtedly the umbrella. Although they may seem like accessories for women and men, they are actually items with important functions. Who wants to be blessed with an unstable umbrella on a windy day or go to an important business meeting while your clothes are soaking wet?

A quality umbrella is expected to be functional and durable against heavy rain and wind. Güler Umbrella is a brand that has proven itself by adopting quality production standards and standing out among its competitors.

What Are The Top Quality Umbrella Models?

It is known that the origin of the umbrella dates back 4,000 years. Quality umbrellas have been produced over time and have been widely used by everyone in the rain. In ancient times, not only women, but also men, used umbrellas widely. Umbrellas were used not only for protection from rain but also as a cane. Although they are commonly used to protect against rain, umbrellas today have different types.

It should be foldable owing to the spring mechanism. Manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic models were produced. Hand umbrellas are one of the most widely used types today. Although there is no difference in the techniques for the use of hand umbrellas and the umbrellas used in large sizes, there are changes in terms of models and brands. The aim of production in different models, whether automatic or manual, should be to ensure customer satisfaction and product quality.

Umbrella production has increased considerably with the development of technology. It is seen that umbrellas are widely used to protect against rain, especially in winter and autumn. If we include today’s fashion, patterned umbrellas have attracted the attention of customers who are looking for different patterns.

Umbrellas include cane umbrellas, colorful umbrellas with unique designs that we manufacture with special handles that can adapt to your personal taste. Our store, which closely follows technology, closely follows today’s trends. In this way, it produces quality umbrellas by constantly renewing its product portfolio according to customer demands. Güler Umbrella is a leading store among umbrella manufacturers, with alternative options for both female and male customers.

How To Understand A Quality Umbrella?

Let’s talk about how to understand a quality umbrella. In general, they consist of four parts: the handle part, the shaft(pole) part, the mechanism part, and the canopy. Umbrellas are produced from fabrics and materials with special textures in order to provide protection from the elements.

The mechanism of umbrellas generally consists of wires of various lengths and certain proportions of flexibility attached to the body. These wires must have a certain degree of flexibility. In this way, opening and closing operations can be carried out easily. In addition to the fabric part, the wire part may also interact with external factors, so they should be made of stainless and durable materials. The materials should be made from stainless steel. Because rust can occur on umbrellas when they interact with water for a long time. This can damage the mechanism and prevent it from opening and closing.

The umbrellas, which are built on 8 or 16 rows of steel wire skeleton (ribs), will protect you from strong winds and heavy rain, removing your fear of rainy days.For long-term use, quality is the most important factor in umbrellas. That’s why you can safely enjoy autumn without regret by choosing designs using double-layered fabric.

It’s not fair to only talk about steel design and fabric quality when describing umbrella quality. Umbrellas' handles are also one of the important elements for quality. Those made of wood and with thick handles are more durable. You can find umbrellas with metal and wooden handles at Güler Umbrella. In addition to these, the fact that we have foldable form designs also provides the advantage of ergonomic use.

It stands out with its space-saving design in terms of carrying the foldable umbrella. In addition to the characteristics of the umbrella, such as color and pattern, size and weight are also very important. Those who want to carry the umbrella with them prefer mini-size versions instead of the cane type.

With the privileges in Güler Umbrella prices and models, you will achieve long-lasting comfort. The umbrellas produced with the use of steel wire design and nylon fabric are very high quality. Umbrellas with different size features will no doubt be a vital part of your rainy days.

Wholesale Quality Umbrellas Order

Let’s talk about another important topic: how can I order wholesale quality umbrellas? The answer to this question is very simple: you can place an order from the trusted name of Güler Umbrella, which is a pioneer in the sector.

As Güler Umbrella, we deliver your products in the quantity you want, completely and on time. We always evaluate the feedback from our customers and focus on providing a service, especially on customer satisfaction.

In our wholesale and promotional umbrellas, we contribute to your budget by offering different alternatives to our valued customers. Our company, which provides service with an alternative product range, continues to work with our experienced team while increasing the quality of the service we offer day by day. We deliver the umbrellas that you order as soon as possible by a contracted cargo company.

Quality Umbrella Prices

Whenever a quality umbrella is mentioned, of course the prices are intimidating. We are not even talking about umbrellas that are expensive in the marketplace and offer short-term use. The products purchased from umbrella shops, especially when it rains, are generally disposable and leave you in a hard spot. Therefore, customers prefer quality and affordable umbrellas. The materials that are used in the umbrellas and the quality of the materials play a decisive role in the quality of the product. As a result, it is very important to pay attention to purchasing quality, price-performance products when choosing an umbrella.

There are umbrella models in the store that are high quality, affordable, and have a long service life. Güller Umbrella offers you the opportunity to easily choose and purchase the product that fits your budget. Our store offers high quality, wholesale products at affordable prices and offers both long-term use and economics to the customers.