Although the umbrella appeared for the purpose of protection from the sun in the past, it is today a product use during heavy rains to protect us from getting wet. In addition to its functionality, it is also preferred as a stylish accessory. At this point, the appearance of the umbrella should be both stylish and eye-catching. Güler Umbrella Models embodied in various sizes and designs and are blended with high quality The bag-sized foldable umbrella, which is among the designs, has a great advantage in terms of use.

Umbrella models come in many forms. Güler Umbrella, which includes every model from long-handled to short-handled, colorful to various patterns, includes a wide product range. The bag-sized foldable umbrella is one of the most preferred models among its models. The reason for this is its minimal structure and its ability to fit anywhere. Foldable umbrellas with a diameter of 100 cm(39.3 inches) decrease to 38 cm(14.9 inches) when it folded. Therefore, it gives you the advantage of being able to fit it easily into your bags. In some products, the folded form of these models is 20 cm. At this point, carrying an umbrella is no longer difficult for you. Umbrellas, which can fit in a bag or anywhere, are almost your savior with their small form.


Bag Size Foldable Umbrella Features

Umbrellas need to be durable as well as have the advantage of effective use. Today, umbrella models, which come into existence both functionally and as accessories, come in many distinct varieties. The most preferred bag-size foldable umbrella among its varieties is offered at your service by blending it with the quality of our company. Minimalism, which is among the features of these products, provides a unique advantage in terms of both their appearance and ability to fit anywhere. When folded, it naturally takes on a small form and does not take up ample space in your bag. It is intentionally produced from wind-resistant fabric, ensuring many years of effective use. While the innovative designs in Güler Umbrella fortunately have a wide color scale, the silk screen printing of the company logo can also be included in the model. If you wish, you can have the opportunity to print your official logo and official name on the closure tape or the cover. Furthermore, an affordable price advantage awaits you! We kindly invite you to our page as soon as possible to examine the products in detail and to get information about the possible price.