Umbrellas, which are primarily used to protect against rain and sunlight, are widely used in all aspects of daily life.Umbrellas, which were first produced to protect people from the sun, started to be preferred over time to protect them from rain and hail.

Today, hundreds of different types of umbrellas are designed to meet the wants and needs of users. As a form of design, the wires are stretched on a medium-thick handle. The structure of the wires used in production is quite flexible. In this way, the products can be opened and closed easily. Umbrellas have a waterproof feature as they also have the purpose of protecting you from rain. These products, whose history dates back to ancient times, are necessary for today’s rainy days.

Technological developments have a great impact on this sector as well as in all areas of life. Automatic umbrellas are included in these technological developments. These umbrellas, which can be opened with a single button, are called automatic umbrellas. As Güler Umbrella, we produce the best quality umbrellas wholesale and offer them to the users.


Foldable Automatic Umbrella

Although foldable umbrellas have the same appearance from the outside, they are divided into different categories in terms of the features they have. The mechanical umbrella is the one with the simplest mechanism. It opens and closes completely with the movements of the user. Another model is the semi-automatic umbrella. These models are triggered by pressing a button and turn on automatically, but you have to turn them off manually.

The fully automatic umbrella is the most useful product among the models. In addition to the high usage of this product, it can be used quite simply. Umbrellas that you can open and close automatically with a single button will protect you, especially on days with difficult conditions such as rain and snow. Güler Umbrella provides users with quality usage with different automatic umbrella models.

Automatic Umbrella with Easy Use

Umbrellas, which are preferred by people who want to be protected from getting wet in rainy weather, are designed in different models. Automatic products, which are produced with today’s technological possibilities, meet the needs of many users. Automatic umbrella models are the umbrellas with the most functional features. The models, which are very comfortable due to their lightness as well as being easy to open, provide practicality in all areas of the day.

Like Güler Umbrella, our automatic umbrellas are of high quality. Our models, which are produced with quality designs, have a wide color scale and special models. Our products can be used easily every day of the year for various reasons. The automatic umbrella models we produce are also very useful for children. Automatic umbrellas, which we produce with special designs and sizes for children, help the small age group with their easy opening and closing feature.

Wholesale Automatic Umbrella

Are you one of the wholesale automatic umbrella buyers? Individual or whole umbrellas can be sold separately. Wholesale purchases are the type of shopping that provides a relative discount. As Güler Umbrella, we offer you a wholesale option. You can purchase our products wholesale, which attract attention with their wide color options, sizes, and quality.

Automatic Umbrella Prices

Automatic umbrellas are highly preferred because they provide great convenience in terms of use. They can have different characteristics within them. There may be double models with the ability to protect two people from the outside factors. Prices for automatic umbrellas vary according to their different characteristics. It is possible to find something for every budget.

At Güler Umbrella, we deliver automatic umbrellas with quality that can be used for a long time at the most affordable price. Our umbrellas, which we provide wholesale, attract attention everywhere with their quality structure. You will not leave these umbrellas behind in difficult weather conditions.